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A Shawn Story follows a morning in the life of Shawn, a 20-something office worker who is late for work, AGAIN! Enter the narrator, a sarcastic British man who tries to dictate Shawn's life, although depending on your choices as Shawn, the narrator may help or hinder in this comedy 2D choice making game. 

 "...it is the presentation of the story that really sets the entry apart from the rest of the Greenlight entries..." - Sanji Himura, The W2 Report

. "BEST GAME! 10/10! THE NARRATOR SOUNDS HANDSOME AND SMART!" - The Narrator, A Shawn Story.

"Wait, I'm supposed to say it now?" - A Homeless gent who we paid 25 pence to get a quote.


 A Shawn Story is mostly a 2D choice making game, totaling 16 endings, this game will keep you coming back for more, when you accidentally open it 3 months from  now when you try to delete it off your computer as 46 seconds you played for is taking up too much space.


Buy Now£3.00 GBP or more

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